Loredana Lembo's Story (continued):

Too often, when I come in contact with new families for the first time, I am being told ‘if only we were aware earlier’ and ‘if someone had told us more before’, that they could have taken in different course of action at the early stages of their child’s development.  ‘Not knowing’ usually caused a delay in taking swiftly the appropriate steps needed to diagnose, and to intervene with aim at betterment. During many years in the field of Autism and related disorders, both abroad and in my native country Italy, too many parents and caregivers shared with me their enormous disappointment of not having been aware. These deep expressions of pain and sorrow spurred me on to collaborate with the Help Autism Now Society, who offered an invaluable opportunity to make a small contribution in the shape of translating for an Italian version of the “Autism Physician Handbook” (designed by HANS). It is my profound hope that the depiction of the early signs of Autism alongside the explanations in Italian language will help towards reaching more Italian speakers with the crucial message: “Learn the signs, Act early” (CDC). That way parents can track their child’s development and act early if they have any concerns. The importance of awareness cannot be highlighted enough.

Thus far, the comments coming from medical professionals in Italy about the translated handbook read as follows: “typical symptoms of Autism are described in a clear, concise and unambiguous way through the support of precise and coherent illustrations. The set of suggestions and information are in line with the latest scientific findings and it can be of great help for all stakeholders”; … “a useful tool for family members and health professionals involved in the treatment of developmental disorders”; …“helpful to parents and pediatricians to identify alarming behavior in the initial phase of the suspected diagnosis”. These comments are tangibly encouraging thereby suggesting that the message for everyone, no matter their role as stakeholder, is clear: the earlier the diagnosis, the faster we can start intervening, the greater the chance for a better outcome for the child and parents involved. For their support and their remarkable efforts in getting a clear message out there, I thank the Help Autism Now Society and all those who support the Society. Also, I wish to extend my gratitude to all the people around us who share and spread the indispensable information contained in the Autism Physician Handbook so that its message can reach everyone.

Loredana Lembo - 10/2012

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