Akbar Baroug's Story (continued):

Therefore, with regard to the experiences I had in the treatment of children with autism and close contact with them here, I have come to realize that:

1. There are no basic Screening and Referral system
2. No primary health care to ensure early identification for early intervention and treatment among autistic children.
3. There are no unique and national diagnostic Assessments like checklists, Rating Scales, etc.
4. Family and public awareness remains low.
5. family with disability children are now suffering from the quality of the health care delivery , low accountability of the health system , high rate of out-of-pocket Payment (OPT) and sometimes of high catastrophic costs.
6. The current approach toward rehabilitation and educational approaches in our country aren’t updated like developed countries. And so on.

Therefore, I got that some person try to learn and research in these fields ‘Also our psychiatrist and therapist with a lot of search and activity gain success in this field. In this regard corporation with institute like HANS and others help us to have more and better consequences.

I hope the health system here, accept more responsibility about them and as soon as possible make a beneficial referral system to screening and diagnosing them. and  Fatimah(my wife) , she has a MSC major in health management , I offer my thanks for her pure efforts in this field.

We shouldn’t shout some slogans that Child are future of our society, But they need good nurture, sufficient education and healthy psychosocial atmosphere, not a handful of words. I hope HANS and us had some opportunity to help each other in a respectful condition. Sadie Persian poet said;

Human beings are numbers of whole/
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain /
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you’ve no sympathy for human pain /
The name of human you cannot retain!

I believe that we are part of a union body and humanity.
Finally, the translation of poster of CHAT and Physician handbook give me a fortune to take a small step for ASD’s child. I wish all child of Earth get equal chance and happily life.
Akbar Zahedi 2011-06-15

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